| the history of wake forest
I am quite sure it must have been my junior year; so that
would make it the spring of ’74. Because I was student body presi-
dent then, some people assumed I had been an organizer, which
I wasn’t, but I was a participant. These were totally spur-of-the-
moment events.
One evening we got the word, “Hey, some of the guys are streak-
ing on the Quad!” So we ran on up there from our dorm only to
find out that they had made a lap around the Quad and were then
heading back to their dorms. I think there were about 300 people
standing around on the sidewalk cheering them on. As far as I was
aware there weren’t any girls involved in that first incident.
A day or two later, the word got passed around, “A bunch of
people are going to streak the new dorm,” which, of course, was
our one co-ed dorm. Since the new dorm was on our side (i.e. the
women’s side) of campus, some of the girls said, “Well, we gotta run
down there and see what’s going on.” This time, instead of staying
on the Quad, nearly a hundred fellows came running across and
past Reynolda Hall, then down the big steps, and all the way across
Magnolia Court between Reynolda and the Library. So as a bunch
of us ran to greet them on the way up the hill, a couple of us girls
said, “Well, it ain’t gonna get any easier. If we’re going to join in we
better just jump in right now.” So in the parking lot behind Tribble
several of us just basically stripped down, threw our clothes to a
buddy, and jumped into the middle of the line that was making its
way into the New Dorm. We went up the stairs and down each
hall, and around the lounge area in a long line, like a snake. We
in retrospect
What Happened Those Nights in March
By Elizabeth “Bunz” Daniels (B.A., 1975)
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