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zoomed on, and then, of course, at some point the guys at the head
of the line were heading back out of the new dorm and back out to
their side of the campus. That was when we girls had to make a mad
dash back to our dorm, where we encountered a few surprised peo-
ple. By then we were by ourselves—clothed only in shoes and hats!
As president of the student body I was an ex officio member of the
Board of Trustees. Within a month or two of when these streaking
episodes happened there was a meeting of the Trustees. When “new
business” was reached on the agenda, somebody brought the streak-
ing event up for discussion. I took a few deep breaths wondering
whether I was going to get grilled about the specifics. But I will
never forget James Scales’s line: “Well, we don’t have all the bare
facts; so we’re just not going to discuss it.” He knew it was a funny
little fad, that it wasn’t any great conspiracy against the world and
that it was almost completely spontaneous, and so he just dismissed
it with a little laugh, and that was that.
Card catalogs in the Library: now, alas, only a memory
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