| the history of wake forest
Among those on leave during part or all of the
1973–1974 academic year were Associate Pro-
fessor of Biology Gerald W. Esch, who, under
the sponsorship of the Atomic Energy Commis-
sion, worked and studied at the Savannah River
Ecology Laboratory; Associate Professor of Edu-
cation Jerry A. Hall, who participated in an
adult teaching/training project at the Baptist
Seminary in Arusha, Tanzania; and Professor of
Accountancy Delmer
Paul Hylton, who
was consultant to
and director of the
Division of Interna-
tional Studies at the
American College of
Patricia Adams Jo­
hansson, Instructor
in English, received
the College’s annual
award for excellence
in teaching.
Associate Professor of English Robert Short­
er was named “Professor of the Year” by Old
Gold and Black.
Wallace Carroll, former editor of the Winston-
Salem Journal and Sentinel, was appointed
Sam J. Ervin, Jr. University Lecturer in Amer-
ican Constitutional Liberties.
Four faculty members were assigned R.J. Reyn-
olds Tobacco Company Leaves for 1974–1975:
Balkrishna G. Gokhale, Professor of Asian
Studies and History; Thomas F. Gossett, Pro-
fessor of English; Donald O. Schoonmaker,
Associate Professor of Politics; and Thomas J.
Turner, Professor of Physics.
Maya Angelou returned to the campus in April
to teach in a poetry workshop in collaboration
with Professor of English Elizabeth Phillips.
Professor of Spanish Ruth Campbell retired.
Charles H. Talbert (Religion) was promoted
to the rank of Professor.
Jack D. Fleer (Politics), Ralph S. Fraser
(German), Emmett Willard Hamrick (Reli-
gion), D. Paul Hylton (Business and Accoun-
tancy), Calvin R. Huber (Music), and J. Van
Wagstaff (Economics) were reappointed to
the chairs of their respective departments.
Pat Johansson
Ben M. Seelbinder, Professor of
Mathematics, was named the Uni-
versity’s first Director of Institu-
tional Research.
Ivy Hixson, recently retired as Dean
of Salem College, was appointed As-
sociate in Academic Administration.
Robert M. Allen, Director of Printing Ser-
vices, was named director of the newly estab-
lished office of publications. W. Stephen
Fedora (who did not continue after 1973–
1974) and Martha Lentz were appointed as-
sistant directors. Lentz continued as editor of
The Wake Forest Magazine.
H. Douglas Lee (B.A., Richmond; Ph.D. Iowa)
was appointed Director of University Rela-
tions, and Robert Mills (B.A., 1972) was
named Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs.
John T. Dawson was appointed Wake Forest’s
first Equal Opportunities Officer.
Ben Seelbinder
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