departures and returns
n July 11, 1974, at dedication ceremonies in Venice, the
Forest house was officially named in honor of Dr.
Camillo Artom. Bianca Artom, who had been asked to be director of
the “Casa” during the summer months, was present, as were President
Scales and Board of Trustees chairman George Paschal, who gave the
principal address. Also among the guests were Peggy Guggenheim,
from the Guggenheim Foundation next door, the first person to sign
the guest book; Sir Ashley Clark, former British Ambassador to Italy;
and Senator Eugenio Artom of Florence1.
President Scales’s trip to Venice came at the beginning of his
sabbatical leave. He remained in Europe until August 22 and spent
most of the fall semester away from the campus. During his absence
I served as Acting President. He did not give me any specific tasks
to perform, nor, except that I did not teach my usual fall class in
British Romantic poetry, did my work schedule change drastically.
As I said at the time to an Old Gold and Black reporter, “I’m quite
literally acting as the president; I’m not the president.” As always,
I was helped enormously by my close collaboration with Dean
Mullen, who was, in a number of instances, a sort of “Acting Pro-
vost.” Fortunately, many of the controversial issues from the past
had been settled satisfactorily, and my years at Wake Forest had
already shown me what I happily realized: that the fall term on a
campus is almost always placid and that it is in the spring term that
students become unsettled and restless. On several occasions my
wife Emily and I used the President’s home to entertain distinguished
guests, and I recall with special pleasure an after-the-concert recep-
tion we gave for the Royal Uppsala Chorus of Sweden. I asked them
chapter nine
Departures and Returns
President Scales
contributed an ar-
ticle about Venice
(“Wake Forest’s
Newest Campus”)
to The Wake Forest
Magazine, XXI
(Autumn 1974), 4–7.
Subsequently, the
University issued a
manual on the Ven-
ice program: Wake
Forest University
Programs of For-
eign Study: Part I:
Venice. It is avail-
able in the Univer-
sity Archives.
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