departures and returns
In times past we have gone to lengths
too embarrassing to specify to avoid all
contro versy with the Convention because
word has got around that the Convention
must, at all events, be satisfied. We have
unwittingly already somewhat fallen into
the position of follower. Our mission is
not to follow but to lead, and my concern
is that this tendency be reversed.
I trust that . . . [we] will develop pro-
posals which will add to the strength,
stability, and force of the Board.
As with the athletics requirements im-
posed by Title IX, the University remained
alert to other legislation from the nation’s
capital that affected the management of
academic life. For instance, the Family Edu-
cation Rights and Privacy Act, popularly
called the “Buckley Amendment” because
of its sponsorship by New York Senator
James Buckley, placed new controls on
the ways in which student records are to
be maintained and used. “Institutions,”
according to the Amendment, “must pro-
vide parents of students access to official
records directly related to the students and
an opportunity for a hearing to challenge
such records on the grounds that they are inaccurate, misleading,
or otherwise inappropriate;… institutions must obtain the written
consent of parents before releasing personally identifiable data from
records to other than a specified list of exceptions;… parents and
students must be notified of these rights;… these rights transfer to
students at certain points” (interpreted as meaning that students
acquire these rights for themselves on their eighteenth birthday).
A three-man committee (Dean Stroupe, Professor Seelbinder, and
Director of Placement Joseph Bumbrey) prepared guidelines for
Wake Forest to follow and made available to students a list of the
campus locations at which records were kept.
In line with national “equal opportunity” measures, the Trust-
ees announced a new policy according to which the University
Willis Everette “Doc” Murphrey (’52 B.A.,
’57 J.D.), known to generations of Wake
Foresters as their peerless cheerleader
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