departures and returns
the tournament with a victory over Duke. In the ACC tournament
in March, Wake Forest lost to UNC in the opening round by the
score of 101 to 100 after a referee had ruled that a ball thrown by a
Wake Forest player had hit the underside of the scoreboard. The
game was thus won by UNC, and a heated controversy was begun
which would lead to bitter memories for years to come. (Incidentally,
the referee was later removed from his position.)
The year ended with a carefully planned effort to bring the
Russian writer and celebrated dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to
the campus for a July convocation and the awarding of an honorary
Doctor of Literature degree. It would have been his first appear-
ance at an American university, but on June 27 he telephoned
President Scales to say that he was too tired to come. Scales told
Solzhenitsyn that his diploma would still be here, ready at any later
date that he could accept an invitation to Wake Forest. But, alas,
the diploma is still here.
Faculty procession in Wait Chapel
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