| the history of wake forest
Kenan Professor of Humanities Germaine
Brée was elected President of the Modern
Language Association and was presented a
festschrift (Twentieth-Century French Fiction:
Essays for Germaine Brée) written by fourteen
of her former students.1
Roger A. Hegstrom,
Associate Pro fessor of
Chemistry, received
an award for excel-
lence in teaching.
Research leaves were
assigned to Associate
Professor of History
Richard C. Barnett,
Professor of English
John A. Carter, Jr.,
Professor of Chemistry Phillip J. Hamrick Jr.,
Associate Professor of Philosophy Marcus B.
Hester, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Fredric T. Howard, and Associate Professor
of Politics Jon M. Reinhardt.
Promoted to the rank of Professor: H. Wallace
Baird (Chemistry), Shasta M. Bryant (Span-
ish), Thomas M. Elmore (Education), J. Edwin
Hendricks (History), Carlton T. Mitchell
(Religion), Lee H. Potter (English), Anne S.
Tillett (Romance Languages), J. Van Wagstaff
Colonel John F. Reed retired after fifteen years
of service at Wake Forest (he had been Professor of
Military Science from 1959 to 1963 and had then
been appointed Director of Personnel and Place-
ment). Joseph Bumbrey (B.S., Winston-Salem
State) was named Director of Career Develop-
(Economics), Raymond L. Wyatt (Biology),
and Richard L. Zuber (History).
Professor of Music Thane McDonald and Li-
brarian Carlton P. West retired. [See William
Ray’s article, “How This West Was Won for
Wake Forest,” in The Wake Forest Magazine,
XXII (Summer 1975) 8, 39. See also Emily Her-
ring Wilson’s interview with West in The Wake
Forest Magazine, XXVI (Autumn 1979) 18–21.]
Associate Professor of History James P.
Barefield was named “Professor of the Year”
by Old Gold and Black.
Christ or Confusion, by Professor Emeritus of
Philosophy A.C. Reid, was published.
Professor Anne S. Tillett was named chairman
of the Department of Romance Languages.
Professors Herman J. Preseren and George P.
Williams, Jr. were appointed chairs of, respec-
tively, Education and Physics. Associate Pro-
fessor John Earle continued for another term
as chairman of Sociology and Anthropology.
Associate Professor Donald H. Wolfe was
named chairman of Speech Communication and
Theatre Arts. Following Calvin Huber’s resig-
nation, Professor of Music Thane McDonald
returned to the department chairmanship for
the 1974–1975 academic year.
ment and Placement, and James L. Ferrell
(B.A., North Carolina; M.S., Virginia Common-
wealth) was named Director of Personnel.
Instructor in English Patricia A. Johansson
was appointed Academic Counselor in the
See “Wake Forest’s Madame President” by William Ray in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXIII
(Winter 1976), 8–9.
Roger Hegstrom
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