departures and returns
notes |
Office of the Dean of the College, as was Dolly
McPherson, Lecturer in English. Ms. Johans-
son continued in this administrative assign-
ment; Ms. McPherson returned, after two
years, to full-time teaching.
David A. Hills, Associate Professor of Psy-
chology and Director of the Center for Psycho-
logical Services, was named Coordinator of
Student Services. He was succeeded as Center
Director by David W. Catron. (The “services”
being coordinated by Professor Hills included
the Center for Psychological Services, the
University Health Service, the placement and
career development office, and the offices of
the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women.)
Edward R. Cunnings (B.S., M.Ed., St Law-
rence) was appointed Director of Housing.
Laura Dell Parker (B.A, 1974) took an assign-
ment for one year as assistant to the director
of alumni affairs, and Nancy R. Parker (B.A.,
Salem) was named foundations officer with
the development office. Russell Strong,
former director of public information at Da-
vidson College, became director of publica-
tions, succeeding Robert M. Allen.
Associate Director of Admissions and Financial
Aid William M. Mackie, Jr., resigned in order to
accept a position with the South Carolina Student
Loan Corporation in Columbia, South Carolina.
Robert M. Starnes of Gastonia was president of
the student body and Lucy Lennon of Wilming-
ton was president of the College Union. David
Quarles of Ball Ground, Georgia, and Robert
Wilhoit of Asheboro were co-chairmen of the
Honor Council, and Ira Podlofsky of Bayshore,
New York, and Robert Williams of Atlantic City,
New Jersey, co-chaired the Judicial Board.
Betsy Gilpin of Madison, Tennessee, edited Old
Gold and Black; Stephen B. Duin of Curtis Bay,
Maryland, edited The Student; and Rebecca
Armentrout of Thomasville edited The Howler.
Karen Bissell of Charlotte was named “Stu-
dent of the Year” by Old Gold and Black.
Senior orators were: Albert Stanley Meiburg
of Rochester, New York; Ollis John Mozon Jr.
of Washington, D.C.; and Evelyn Jean West of
Shelby. West received the A.D. Ward Medal.
A team of three Wake Forest students (Rich­
ard Biegel of Naperville, Ill., Jo Ann Mustian
Students in the College Union: from The Howler for 1975
of Greenville, S.C., and Linda Smith of Lan-
caster, Ohio) was named “Industry Winners”
in the Emory Intercollegiate Business Games
competition. Their adviser was Assistant Pro-
fessor Stephen Ewing. Another team (Nancy
Conrads of Atlanta, Georgia; Steven Martin
of Eagle Springs; and Brenda Monteith of
Huntersville) won the Milwaukee Interna-
tional Business Games. Their adviser was In-
structor William Sekely.
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