departures and returns
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From the College Union: the Preservation Hall
Jazz Band, Bill Cosby, folk and rock singer
Richie Havens, the “Amazing Kreskin”, the
Pointer Sisters, actor David Carradine, and
singer John Sebastian. The College Union film
series, under the direction of David English
and Allen Paul, presented retrospectives of
the films of Ingmar Bergman, Jean Cocteau,
John Ford, Leo McCarey, and F. W. Murnau.
Also speaking: Irish poet Thomas Kinsella,
American poet Howard Nemerov, psychologist
Joyce Brothers, activist Father Daniel Berrigan,
political analyst Kevin Phillips, New York Con-
gressional Representative Shirley Chisholm
(the 1974–1975 Carlyle Lecturer), and General
Moshe Dayan of Israel. Furthermore: a Dinner
Theatre production of The Fantasticks; an “Ed-
ward R. Murrow Retrospective”; and, from April
7 to April 12, Women’s Celebration Week.
From Challenge ’75, on the theme “Diverging
Religious Perspectives”: Oregon Senator Mark
Hatfield, theologian Rosemary Ruether, and
social critic William Stringfellow. James Al­
fred Martin Jr. (B.A., 1937) of Columbia Uni-
versity served as moderator.
James Montgomery Hester (B.A., 1917),
minister and benefactor to the University, was
awarded an honorary degree at the 1974 fall
At the 1975 Commencement exercises degrees
were given to W. Perry Crouch, general secre-
tary-treasurer of the North Carolina Baptist
State Convention; Claude Howell, artist from
Wilmington; Barbara Jordan, Congresswoman
from Texas; Lewis F. Powell Jr., Associate Jus-
tice of the U.S. Supreme Court; and Barnes
Woodhall, James B. Duke Professor of Neuro-
surgery at Duke University. Ms. Jordan was
the first woman and the first black to deliver a
Commencement address at Wake Forest.
Crouch preached the baccalaureate sermon.
William Henley Deitrick (B.A, 1916), archi-
tect for Wake Forest from 1931 to 1951. He
designed a number of buildings on the “old
campus,” including Wait Hall and the William
Amos Johnson Building. Died July 14, 1974.
Joanna (“Miss Jo”) Williams, who, between
1924 and 1956, operated a popular and his-
torically important boarding house and, later,
a similarly popular cafeteria on the old cam-
pus. Died July 14, 1974.
Percy H. Wilson (B.A., 1920; M.A., 1922),
who taught modern languages from 1922 to
1935. Died October 2, 1974.
Elton C. Cocke, Professor Emeritus of Biology
(member of the faculty, 1938–1971). Died
January 23, 1975.
Elizabeth Hackney (“Lib”) Greason, recep-
tionist in the office of the Dean of the College.
Died January 27, 1975.
William Benjamin Rogers, Sr., University
printer. Died May 16, 1975.
Barbara Behrens Hills, wife of Associate
Professor David Hills and occasional part-time
faculty member at the University. Died May
19, 1975.
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