a year of confidence
The growing strength of the Department of Biology was recog-
nized when the Department received a $300,000 grant from the
National Science Foundation to buy an electron microscope, to
build a greenhouse on the campus, to develop new facilities at the
biological station at Belews Creek, and to support the planning of a
new curriculum based on the concept of integrating the study of
cells, organisms, and life systems. Since the grant came from the
federal government, some Baptist observers argued that for Wake
Forest to accept the money would violate the historic Baptist prin-
ciple of the separation of church and state. Thus was set in motion
another controversy about the extent of Convention authority over
the University.
On the recommendation of Associate Professor of English Dil-
lon Johnston, the University agreed to establish a Wake Forest Uni-
The office of the W.F.U. Press: Dillon Johnston and his assistant, Candide Jones
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