a year of confidence
In Retrospect |
Anderson D. “Andy” Cromer of King was
president of the student body; Frank C. Carter
of Marion, Virginia, and Doris Ellen Coats of
Sanford co-chaired the Honor Council; Paul Y.
Coble of Raleigh and Stuart C. Markman of
Knoxville, Tennessee, co-chaired the Judicial
Board; and Richard H. “Hank” Bullard, Jr., of
Greensboro was president of the College Union.
Deborah Richardson of Greenville, South
Carolina, was editor of Old Gold and Black;
Robert G. Melton of Brevard edited The Stu-
dent; and Drake Eggleston of Towson, Mary-
land, edited The Howler.
The cheerleading squad was again named the
tenth best in the nation.
Senior orators were: Judith Kay Haughee of
Rockville, Indiana; Barbara Lou Holland of
Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Roberto Jehu
Hunter of Washington, D.C. Holland received
the A.D. Ward Medal.
Wake Forest won Emory University’s Eleventh
Annual Intercollegiate Business Games, placing
first among thirty colleges and universities.
Participating students were Rich Biegel from
Naperville, Illinois; Pat Dorwart from York,
Pennsylvania; Paige Hamilton from Spartan-
burg, South Carolina; Lawson Newton from
Nashville, Tennessee; and Gary Lambert from
Venice, Florida. Their faculty adviser was As-
sistant Professor of Business Stephen Ewing.
The following faculty members were promoted
to the rank of Professor: Richard C. Barnett
(History), Robert A. Dyer (Religion), John R.
Earle (Sociology), Gerald W. Esch (Biology),
Marcus B. Hester (Philosophy), Alonzo W.
Kenion (English), Gregory D. Pritchard
(Philosophy), and James A. Steintrager
Assistant Professor George E. Damp served
as chairman of the Department of Music for the
1975–1976 academic year. Eight other faculty
members were assigned terms as department
chairmen, beginning in 1975: Gerald W. Esch
in Biology, John L. Andronica in Classical Lan-
guages, Robert N. Shorter in English, Richard
L. Zuber in History, Ivey C. Gentry in Math-
ematics, Gregory D. Pritchard in Philosophy,
William L. Hottinger in Physical Education,
and John E. Williams in Psychology.
Jerald Bullis was poet
in residence.
Two Associate Profes-
sors were given awards
for excellence in teach-
ing: Fred L. Horton Jr.
in religion and William
C. Kerr in physics.
Research leaves were
assigned to Associate Professor of Physics
William C. Kerr, Associate Professor of Biol-
ogy Raymond E. Kuhn, Professor of Romance
Languages and Education John E. Parker, Jr.,
Associate Professor of Psychology Charles L.
Richman, Lecturer Bynum G. Shaw, and Pro-
fessor of History Wilfred Buck Yearns Jr.
[Old Gold and Black discontinued the practice
of naming a “Professor of the Year.”]
Bill Kerr and Fred Horton
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