and a house in hampstead
Fleer, and with the participation of Director of Libraries Merrill
Berthrong, recommended to the administration and Trustees that
the Library’s acquisitions budget be set as a line item of high priority,
that it keep pace with inflation as indicated by government indices,
that the 1966–67 purchasing power of the Library be recovered
by an annual budget increase of $362,990, and that the University
seek funds to raise the Library’s endowment from $4,500,000 to
President Scales, though warning
against “complacency” about the is-
sues being raised, agreed that infla-
tion had been “unprecedented” but
pointed out that the Library had
continued to receive a proportion of
the University budget higher than
was the case in any other private
university in the South and that
“essential library services” had not
been curtailed. He promised to look
for additional endowment for the
Library. The Trustees also confirmed
the centrality of the Library among
University priorities and agreed to
increase the Library’s annual budget
by $100,000 ($50,000 for books and
periodicals and $50,000 for salaries
and fringe benefits).
The move to the Fine Arts Center by those theatre and art activ-
ities which had been located in the Library now made it possible for
additional stack levels to be reclaimed for the Library’s collections
and for part of the sixth floor to be renovated into a large and attrac-
tive room dedicated specifically to the fine arts.
The impact of Title IX on student life and on intercollegiate
athletics was still being studied and evaluated. An informal coali-
tion of student leaders, calling themselves the Intra-Campus Council,
charged that the University had not addressed adequately its respon-
sibilities with regard to the equal treatment of men and women. Men’s
residence halls, it was pointed out, had kitchen and laundry facili-
ties inferior to those provided for women. Women athletes, on the
A scene from Ossie Davis’ Purlie Victorious4:
Donna Edwards and Jeff Dobbs
Jeff Dobbs was also
an All-American
cheerleader with
memorably physical
and choreographic
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