| the history of wake forest
other hand, did not receive scholarships and were denied other
privileges extended to male athletes. Furthermore, female coaches
were paid less than their male counterparts and, unlike male
coaches, were given academic responsibilities. The Council also
stressed the need for established grievance procedures that would
be available to any student or employee with a Title IX complaint.
President Scales officially signed a statement of assurance that
Wake Forest would comply with Title IX guidelines; called for
establishment of grievance procedures; promised that, if necessary,
women athletes would be given grants-in-aid; and took steps toward
equalizing the treatment of men and women athletes with respect
to uniforms,, equipment, supplies, and locker room facilities.
The men’s basketball team, coached by Carl Tacy, which at the
beginning of the season had been picked to finish no higher than
sixth in the Atlantic Coast Conference, had its best year since 1962.
After winning its third straight Big Four championship in Decem-
ber, it proceeded toward a record of twenty victories in the regular
The 1976–77 basketball team, coached by Carl Tacy
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