| the history of wake forest
Four members of the University faculty retired
in 1977: Harold M. Barrow, Professor of Phys-
ical Education; Marjorie Crisp, Associate Pro-
fessor of Physical Education; Robert E. Lee,
Professor of Law; and Paul S. Robinson, Pro-
fessor of Music.
Assistant Professor
of Chemistry Ronald
Blankespoor received
the annual award for
excellence in teaching.
Thomas E. Mullen
(History), Robert N.
Shorter (English), and
Marcellus E. Waddill
(Mathematics) were promoted to the rank of
Research leaves during the 1977–78 academic
year were assigned to Sterling M. Boyd, As-
sociate Professor of Art; David W. Catron,
Associate Professor of Psychology; Philippe
B. Falkenberg, Associate Professor of Psy-
chology; Ralph S. Fraser, Professor of German;
Donald E. Frey, Assistant Professor of Eco-
nomics; Fred L. Horton, Associate Professor
of Religion; W. Dillon Johnston, Associate
Professor of English; Dolly A. McPherson,
Gene T. Lucas, Vice President for Business
and Finance, resigned to take a position as
president and managing officer of the Win-
ston-Salem Savings and Loan Association.
John G. Williard, Treasurer, was appointed
Vice President and Treasurer. Carlos O. Hold-
er (B.B.A., 1969), Bursar since 1969, was
named Controller.
Lecturer in English; J. Don Reeves, Associate
Professor of Education; and J. Howell Smith,
Associate Professor of History.
A new four-year term as Department Chairman
was assigned to Wallace Baird (Chemistry).
Assistant Professor Annette LeSiege also
became chairman of the Department of Music.
On December 8, 1976, after extensive study, the
University Senate approved authority and pro-
cedures for a “Committee to Handle Grievances
of Wake Forest University Faculty.” This com-
mittee was designed to include five “permanent
members,” one Senator from each of the schools
of the University, and two “temporary mem-
bers,” selected by the grievant from the Univer-
sity Faculty. Fortunately, only on rare occasions
was there any need for the committee to meet,
but apparently, when action was required, the
system proved to be fair and worked well.
The James Montgomery Hester Seminar in
March honored Professor Emeritus A.C. Reid.
He was saluted by Professor Emeritus Jasper
Memory, Professor Robert Helm, James H.
Blackmore (’37) from the Southeastern Bap-
tist Theological Seminary, and Chevis F. Horne
(’36), pastor of the First Baptist Church of
Martinsville, Virginia.
Charles M. Allen, Director of the Artists Se-
ries since 1958, resigned to devote himself
full-time to his professorship in biology. He
was succeeded by William E. Ray (B.A., 1967),
since 1975 Publications Editor.
Dean Thomas E. Mullen was on leave for the
spring term. His responsibilities were divided
among other members of the administration.
Ronald Blankespoor
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