a personal preface
did take place which had significant impact on the Scales presidency
—as, for example, the conflict between the President and the Dean
of the School of Law over the Institute for Labor Policy Analysis or
the debate within the faculty over the final form that business edu-
cation at Wake Forest ought to take—and I felt obliged to include it
in my narrative. Also, I have recorded on my “In Memoriam” pages
the deaths of faculty and staff members from the entire University,
and some of the statistical tables in the appendices are University-
wide in their coverage of the years and the data under consideration.
I have spoken of the liveliness of the Scales years, and I will speak,
in my chapter-by-chapter narrative, of the underlying tensions that
surfaced with some regularity to arouse and even to afflict the ad-
ministration. In the middle of every crisis, however, we were fortu-
nate to have in Reynolda Hall men and women who were devoted
to Wake Forest and who, when the occasion required, served it
selflessly and well. We were also tied to one another by close bonds
of friendship which made it possible for us to deliberate and to work
together without rivalry or rancor.
In the course of this History I will speak appreciatively of some
of my administrative colleagues who played clearly visible roles in
The Plaza (or, popularly, the Quad) in front of Wait Chapel
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