cause and effect
that in the future no requests of this kind be sent to the Services
Rendered Committee. Chairman Gerald Esch of the Department
of Biology reported that CAUSE funds had already been spent for
three Dodge vans, an electron microscope, and a pontoon boat and
trailer for the biological station at Belews Creek.
In the midst of this controversy—on December 9—the Trust-
ees met and, by what was described as a “very decisive voice vote,”
announced as their intention that the University would keep the
full amount of the CAUSE grant. “We desire no conflict” with the
Convention, the Trustees said, but “not to honor this good faith
agreement [with the National Science Foundation] would have
adverse implications for the entire University.” Convention leaders
reacted with predictable concern: Cecil Ray called the Trustee deci-
sion “a refusal to follow the Convention’s mandate,” and Conven-
tion President Mark Corts accused the Trustees of having been
“narrow and dogmatic.” The General Board of the Convention voted
to ask for a dialogue with the Trustees to determine whether any
kind of compromise could be reached.
Finally, at another meeting on March 10, the Trustees made a
special allocation of $85,000 to the Department of Biology for depart-
Eugene and Anne Worrell
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