cause and effect
he has been careful to consider a striking range of points of view.
We who have prepared this statement work with President Scales
regularly and represent a wide variety of political and academic
philosophies. We believe… that the direction, tone, and style pro-
vided by President Scales are fundamental to Wake Forest’s grow-
ing reputation as an outstanding private university.” The statement
was signed by Vice Presidents Meads and Williard; Deans Janeway,
Mullen, and Stroupe; and myself as Provost.
Two coaching changes of consequence took
place at mid-year. Chuck Mills, football coach for
the five seasons since 1972, was released from his
duties on January 6; his record at Wake Forest
had been eleven victories, forty-three losses, and
one tie. He was succeeded by alumnus John
Mackovic (B.A., 1965), offensive coordinator at
Purdue University. Mackovic, who had been un-
dergraduate roommate to the legendary Brian
Piccolo, was the first alumnus to become head
football coach at Wake Forest in sixty years.
Golf coach Jesse Haddock, who had resigned
his position at the University in June 1976 after a disagreement
with athletic director Gene Hooks over salary and other related
issues, returned to his place at Wake Forest in December.2 During
his absence he had been golf coach at Oral Roberts University for
four months and more recently had operated a wholesale pharma-
ceutical firm in Winston-Salem. He had been succeeded at Wake
Forest by Ron Roberts, coach at Georgia Southern University, but
doubts arose about Roberts’ performance, and the University decided
to terminate his contract as coach, though offering him a position as
assistant director of athletics. Roberts filed a law suit against
Hooks, Haddock, and the University, alleging a breach of contract.
Wake Forest, in reply, said that Roberts had treated his players in
“a cold, seemingly unconcerned manner,” and Hooks said that
Roberts’ actions had brought discredit to the golf program and to
individual golfers.
Two building projects for the main campus were announced for
the new school year. An athletic center was proposed—to be built
next to, and south of, the gymnasium. It would be designed to in-
clude indoor practice areas as well as offices for the Department of
“I’m very fortunate
and very happy to
be back,” Haddock
said. “As for myself
and Dr. Hooks, I
think I can best
express it this way.
We’re like brothers.”
Both Haddock and
Hooks admitted
that they had made
a “mistake.”
John Mackovic
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