cause and effect
In Retrospect |
It was before noon, so nothing was open. “What size are you,
Bill?” I told him 10B. “They’re small but they’ll be fine.” We arrived
at the lunch before the graduation. Since I now had on the “flippy
flops,” I stayed in the car. He loved to tease me. After he finished his
address, he chuckled. “I think I did a good job—I’m hoarse.” We
rode home in virtual silence. At the President’s home he thanked me
for going (driving) and started to the house. I asked him not for my
shoes back but if he wanted his “flippy flops” back. We never men-
tioned the event again but in later years I came to realize that any-
one at the University would have done the same thing. Such was the
admiration and affection for James Ralph Scales.
Two women students look across the Magnolia Court
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