| the history of wake forest
The Department of Biology’s field station at
Belews Creek was named in honor of Professor
of Biology Charles M. Allen.
The Department of Sociology and Anthropol-
ogy, at the end of the 1977–1978 academic
year, was divided into two separate depart-
ments, anthropology having voted to begin an
M.A. program and sociology having decided
against offering graduate courses.
Alan J. Williams,
Assistant Professor
of History, received
the College’s annual
award for excellence
in teaching.
Professor of Sociol-
ogy Clarence H.
Patrick retired at the
end of the 1977–1978
academic year.
Two members of the Department of Math-
ematics were promoted to Professor: John V.
Baxley and Fredric T. Howard.
Vice President for Develop-
ment J. William Straughan
Jr. resigned to become Direc-
tor of the Fund for Public
Education of the American
Bar Association. He was suc-
ceeded by G. William Joyner
Jr., Director of Alumni Affairs.
N. Rick Heatley of the De-
partment of Classical Lan-
guages was named Associate
in Academic Administration.
Six faculty members were assigned research
leaves: Professor of Religion John William
Angell, Associate Professor of History James
P. Barefield, Associate Professor of Romance
Languages Kathleen Glenn, Associate Pro-
fessor of Philosophy Charles M. Lewis, Pro-
fessor of Physics Howard W. Shields, and
Professor of Religion Charles H. Talbert.
Professor of Physics Thomas J. Turner, a
member of the faculty since 1952, resigned to
become Vice President and Dean of Stetson
Jay Meek was appointed poet-in-residence
for the 1977–1978 school year. He remained
for a second year.
Terms as department chairmen were assigned
as follows: D. Paul Hylton (Business and
Accountancy), J. Van Wagstaff (Economics),
Wilmer D. Sanders (German), James A.
Steintrager (Politics), E. Willard Hamrick
(Religion), and Donald H. Wolfe (Speech
Communication and Theatre Arts).
Marianne Schubert (B.A., Dayton; M.A., Ph.D.,
Southern Illinois) was named Assistant Director
of the Center for Psychological Services.
W. Douglas Bland, Director of Residence Life,
was named Assistant Director of Admissions.
Robert B. Scales, Superintendent of Building
Services, retired at the end of the academic year.
Meyressa Hughes Schoonmaker, assistant
to the president for legal affairs, was named
associate general counsel.
Alan Williams
Bill Joyner
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