and bells
In Retrospect |
I did not get a call until the middle of the summer. My room
would be upstairs at the President’s House.
It was a great and enlarging experience to live with Dr. and
Mrs. Scales. They treated me and the other student (from Babcock)
like family. About the middle of the year, I told Dr. Scales that if he
ever wanted me to drive him on day trips to speeches and meet-
ings, I would try to work out my schedule to do that. He took me
up on that, and I was able to enjoy many hours with him on these
trips, even on overnight excursions to places like New Bern. I also
attended to the chief jobs for student residents of the house, which
were house-sitting and taking care of Rex, the Golden Retriever,
while the Scaleses were out of town.
President and Mrs. Scales with, from left to right, Charles “Chip” Koury and John Barnes, students,
and Clara Randel, Mrs. Scales’s stepmother.
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