| the history of wake forest
Ralph Wood
Ralph C. Wood Jr., Assistant Professor of
Religion, received the annual award for excel-
lence in teaching.
Roger A. Hegstrom,
Associate Professor
of Chemistry, was
awarded an $18,000
Guggenheim Founda-
tion Fellowship to do
research in atomic
and molecular physics
at Oxford University.
Terms as department
chairmen, effective at the beginning of the
1978–1979 academic year, were assigned to
Stanton K. Tefft (Anthropology), Robert H.
Knott (Art), Robert W. Ulery Jr. (Classical
Languages), Joseph O. Milner (Education),
George P. Williams (Physics), Mary Frances
Robinson (Romance Languages), and Philip J.
Perricone (Sociology).
Mary Ann Hampton
Taylor, (B.S., 1956;
M.D., 1960) was ap-
pointed Director of
the Health Service,
succeeding Dr. How-
ard A. Jemison, who
had resigned to enter
private practice.
Research leaves were assigned to nine mem-
bers of the College faculty (an unprecedented
number): Professor of Mathematics John V.
Baxley, Professor of Sociology John R. Earle,
Assistant Professor of Music Annette LeSiege,
Professor of German James C. O’Flaherty,
Professor of English Elizabeth Phillips, Pro-
fessor of Education Herman J. Preseren,
Professor of Speech Communication Franklin
R. Shirley, Associate Professor of German
Larry E. West, and Professor of Psychology
John E. Williams.
The following faculty members were promoted
to the rank of Professor: Jack D. Fleer (Poli-
tics); Doyle R. Fosso (English); Raymond E.
Kuhn (Biology); James C. McDonald (Biol-
ogy); Ronald E. Noftle (Chemistry); J. Don
Reeves (Education); Robert L. Sullivan (Bi-
ology); and Stanton K. Tefft (Anthropology).
Professor of Law Hugh William Divine1 and
Associate Professor of English Beulah Lassiter
Raynor retired at the end of the academic year.
Minta Aycock McNally (B.A., 1974) was
named annual giving officer for the alumni
and development office.
Timothy L. Reese (M.Ed., Pennsylvania
State) was named Director of the College
Union, succeeding David Robertson. Calvin
Johnson replaced Steve Janosik as Director
of Residence Life.
See “The Divine Who Studied Law,” by Mark Wright, in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXVI
(Spring 1979), 22.
Mary Ann Hampton Taylor
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