| the history of wake forest
A list of “accomplishments” was submitted: travel
for both men and women was now being provid-
ed on a non-discriminatory basis; the women’s
locker room had been made comparable to the
men’s locker room; opportunities for use of the
tennis courts, indoor and outdoor, were equal for
men and women; scholarships were now budget-
ed in five women’s sports (basketball, golf, tennis,
volleyball, and cross country); women’s athletic
facilities had been “upgraded”; and the women’s
athletic budget had, over a three-year period, been
increased from $153, 000 to $461,500. Additional
improvements were recommended, however, and
it was estimated that further compliance with
Title IX would lead in four years to an annual
budget for women’s athletics of more than a mil-
lion dollars.
Men’s sports in 1979–1980 were highlighted by
another ACC championship in golf, the thirteenth
over the last fourteen years, and by the emergence
of football success under the colorful and inspira-
tional coaching of alumnus John Mackovic. In
1977, and again in 1978, the football team’s record
had been one victory and ten losses, but in the fall
of 1979 Wake Forest football attracted national
attention by an 8–3 record that included victories
such as Wake Forest fans had seldom seen. Especially memorable
—and still talked about—were a 22–21 win over Georgia and a 42–
38 upset over Auburn which attracted a wildly enthusiastic record
Homecoming crowd of 34,000 for what has been called “the best
spectator game ever played in Groves Stadium.” Central to the team’s
triumphant season were quarterback Jay Venuto, who, among other
achievements, completed thirty-three passes for 334 yards against
East Carolina for Conference records in completion and yardage;
offensive end Wayne Baumgardner, who caught forty-seven passes
for 878 yards; tailback James McDougald, who set a school record
for most touchdowns rushing; and James Parker, called by Sports
Illustrated “the emotional heart of Wake’s defense.” Mackovic said
of Parker, “It would be hard for me to find a person who gave more
James Parker
Jay Venuto
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