| the history of wake forest
majority the proposal for a new coliseum was rejected. Even the
precinct in which the University is located cast a negative vote.
Three years after the dedication of the art and theatre wings
of the Fine Arts Center, construction of the music wing was still
not underway. With the support of Dean Mullen I proposed to the
Trustees that the University proceed as soon as possible to build
the long delayed facilities for music, suggesting that, if necessary,
funds should be taken out of the University’s savings and endow-
ment. The Trustees listened appreciatively but were not yet ready
to make such a financial commitment. They did, however, decide—
on December 14, 1979—to name the Center, when completed, for
President Scales, agreeing with Trustee chairman James Mason
that “the University’s fine arts building is one of the proudest
achievements” of Scales’s tenure and that “it is the embodiment
of his love for the arts and the urbanity and grace he has brought
to the Reynolda campus.”
This honor for President Scales came at an especially appropriate
time. Only a month earlier—on November 15—he had undergone
open heart surgery on a faulty aortic valve. He had been released
from the hospital after forty-eight hours and had returned to work,
Graylyn: before the fire
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