and a tangerine bowl
In Retrospect |
As I think back on my four-year immersion in Wake Forest Uni-
versity Theatre, I can picture vividly the greenroom, the costume
shop, the private dressing space that I was given when cast as Shen
Te in The Good Woman of Setzuan, Clytemnestra in The Oresteia,
and Dottie in Jumpers—this last directed by James Dodding and
featuring Clint McCown, an actor whom I had watched tackle won-
drous roles at the old theatre in the library.
But most of all, when I remember my college days, I recall the
excited stillness I felt right before I made my first entrance in my
first role of Wake’s first theatre production on a new stage.
A scene from Tom Stoppard’s Jumpers: Catherine Burroughs is at the center
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