| the history of wake forest
Elmer Hayashi
u faculty NOtES
Elmer K. Hayashi,
Assistant Professor
of Mathematics,
received the annual
award for excellence
in teaching.
Eleven members of
the College faculty
were promoted to
Professor: Richard D.
carmichael (Mathematics), Roger a. Heg-
strom (Chemistry), William l. Hottinger
(Physical Education), J. Gaylord May (Math-
ematics), W. Graham May (Mathematics),
John c. Moorhouse (Economics), Paul M.
Ribisl (Physical Education), charles l. Rich-
man (Psychology), Wilmer D. Sanders (Ger-
man), Harold c. tedford (Theatre Arts), and
Peter D. Weigl.
An impressive number of College faculty mem-
bers were assigned research leaves: Ralph D.
amen (Biology), H. Wallace Baird (Chemis-
try), George J. Griffin (Religion), David W.
Hadley (History), Emmett Willard Hamrick
(Religion), Robert Knott (Art), James Kuz-
charles M. carter, Assistant Director of Ad-
missions and Financial Aid, resigned in order
to accept a position at Schreiner College in
Kerrville, Texas.
J. Rodney Meyer (B.A., Brown; M.A., Ph.D.,
Minnesota), formerly Assistant Professor of
English, was named Director of the Office for
Grants and Contracts1 and was assigned other
duties having to do with publications, the
manovich (Mathematics), William M. Moss
(English), Richard D. Sears (Politics), James
a. Steintrager (Politics), alan J. Williams
(History), and Ralph c. Wood Jr. (Religion).
Babcock Professor of Botany Walter S. flory
and Professor of Theatre Arts David Welker
retired at the end of the 1979–1980 academic
Judith Johnson Sherwin was poet-in-residence
in the spring of 1980.
Dean of the Graduate School Henry S. Stroupe
was assigned an “administrative sabbatical”
leave for the 1979 fall term. Professor of His-
tory Richard c. Barnett served as Acting Dean
during Stroupe’s absence.
Terms as department chairmen were assigned
to Gerald W. Esch (Biology), Robert N. Short-
er (English), Richard l. Zuber (History), Ivey
c. Gentry (Mathematics), John V. Mochnick
(Music), Gregory D. Pritchard (Philosophy),
William l. Hottinger (Physical Education), and
John E. Williams (Psychology).
planning of campus events, and the Univer-
sity’s movie collection.
“You Asked for Women—and You Have Them!”
is a lively and charming series of reminis-
cences by Dean of Women Emerita lois
Johnson in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXVII
(Winter 1980), 18–21. The interviewer is
Emily Herring Wilson.
Formerly the Office for Research
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