on the way to the sesquicentennial
notes |
David J. Middleton of Greenville was president of
the student body. Publications editors were Gina
Sears of Farmville, Virginia, The Howler; Michael
G. Riley of Charlotte, Old Gold and Black; and Erin
campbell of Winston-Salem, The Student.
James R. “Jay” Helvey of
Lexington was awarded a
Hays-Fulbright grant for
study at the University of
Cologne in Germany.
Senior orators were: John
E.R. friedenberg of Win-
ston-Salem; Stanlee Parks
Greene, Jr. of College Park,
Georgia; and lennis louise
Pearcy of Walterboro, South Carolina. Frie-
denberg received the A.D. Ward Medal.
The College Union fine arts committee, on a trip
to New York, purchased a pine and oak sculpture
by James Surl+s and works by Jennifer Bartlett,
Joseph Raffael, and Miriam Schapiro.
Debaters David cheshier of W. Lafayette,
Indiana, and Michael Knish of Nashville,
Tennessee, ended their season with a ninth-
place finish in the National Debate Tourna-
ment in Los Angeles.
The Wake Forest business team (Susan Daniel
of Pensacola, Florida; Ronald Knight of More-
head City; John Walker of Vero Beach, Florida;
and Kirk c. Wilkenson of Stuart, Flor-
ida) was named “Industry Winners” in
the Emory University business games.
Their sponsor was Associate Professor
arun Dewasthali.
Sharon Elizabeth Prugh of Brevard
and cynthia Sechler of Hockessin,
Delaware, received the first William
C. Archie Awards for “commitment to
liberal learning, to scholarship, and to
the ideals of Wake Forest.”
Jay Helvey
A scene from “Springfest”: from The Howler for 1981
u tHE 1981 cOMMENcEMENt
John Fries Blair, Winston-Salem publisher;
William Henry crouch (B.A., 1949), Baptist min-
ister; Stanley Frank, chairman of the board of
Carolina By-Products; and William H. Wagoner
(B.A., 1949), Chancellor of the University of
North Carolina at Wilmington. Anwar Sadat,
president of Egypt, was also approved for an
honorary degree but could not come. Wagoner
gave the Commencement address, and Crouch
preached the baccalaureate sermon.
Minnie Spencer Kallam, member of the Library
staff (1948–1975). Died January 29, 1981.
Jens fredrick larson, architect of the Reyn-
olda campus. Died May 6, 1981.
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