| the history of wake forest
u tHE yEaR IN atHlEtIcS
A program in men’s soccer began under Coach
George Kennedy. In 1981 he was named ACC
Coach of the Year.
Two athletes were named first
team All-Americans: Bill ard in
football (he was also on the All-
ACC first team, as were carlos
Bradley and Jay Venuto) and
frank Johnson in basketball (he
was also on the All-ACC first team,
and he was named the Arnold
Palmer Athlete of the Year.)
Long-time Wake Forest tennis coach Jim leigh-
ton was named ACC Coach of the Year. Phil Rai-
ford was a Flight Champion in No. 4 tennis
singles. Baseball player Brick Smith was
named ACC Player of the Year and was placed for
the fourth time on the All-ACC first team.
Golfer Robert Wrenn placed fourth in final
NCAA competition. He and tim Planchin were
named to the All-ACC first team.
Greg lefelar in baseball and cindy Sechler
in field hockey received ACC Awards for Excel-
lence in Scholarship and Athletics. Golfer
charlotte Grant was named the Marge Crisp
Athlete of the Year.
Football players Phil Denfeld, landon King,
and andy Seay were Academic All-ACC selec-
Four Wake Forest athletes were inducted into
the Sports Hall of Fame: len chappell, Jesse
Haddock, Pat Preston, and charlie teague.
Bill Ard
Cheerleaders with the Deacon: from The Howler for 1981
u tHE calENDaR Of EVENtS
Concerts of classical music: Elmar Oliveira, vio-
linist; Leonard Pennario, pianist; John Browning,
pianist; Shirley Verrett, soprano.
Concerts of popular music: Mike Cross; Pat Benatar.
Plays: Shaw’s Arms and the Man; Once in a Life-
time by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman; Side
by Side by Sondheim; The Passion (an adaptation
by Jim Dodding of several medieval mystery
Speakers: former Democratic candidate for Pres-
ident, George McGovern (Carlyle Lecturer); Betty
Williams (from Ireland), winner of 1976 Nobel
Peace Prize; William Proxmire, U.S. Senator from
Wisconsin, historian Fritz Stern; Soviet human
rights activist Alexander Ginzburg; comedian
Dick Gregory. Hypnotist Peter Casson also ap-
Poetry readings: Philip Levine; Richard Hugo.
Executive in residence (for two weeks): Leland T.
Waggoner, senior vice-president of Home Life
Art exhibit: “American Old Masters” from the
collection of Dr. and Mrs. Henry Landon.
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