| the history of wake forest
was financed by the Henry Luce Foundation and was directed by
he capable and experienced Professor of Religion, Carlton Mitchell.
Steady progress was being made toward the completion of both
the long awaited “music wing” and the athletic dormitories, one of
them to be named for Arnold Palmer and the other for Brian Pic-
colo. The three buildings were scheduled to be dedicated in the fall
of 1982.
As the 1984 Sesquicentennial approached, another date in the
future was being talked about: 2000. To prepare for that millennium
the University Senate, with a strong endorsement from President
Scales, started a study to be called “Wake Forest in the Year 2000.”
Perhaps no one in 1982 could have anticipated the extent to which
one truly dominant feature that would characterize “Wake Forest
in the Year 2000” was already being foreshadowed by a report that
fifteen students each hour were using eight computer terminals
hooked up to a new “Prime 750” system in a room in Reynolda
Hall.2 Six hundred student
computer accounts were al-
ready set up, and seven or
eight students were said to be
leaving the computer terminal
room every hour without be-
ing served.
Largely because of pio-
neering efforts by Professor
John Sawyer, the Department
of Mathematics was now list-
ing eight courses in computer
science, and a proposal for a
minor was about to be pre-
sented to the faculty.
As early as 1974
the University had
selected the Hewlett-
Packard 3000 System
for the purpose of
providing computer
services on campus.
The cost for 1974–
1975 was less than
$25,000, including
first-time installa-
tion costs.
Jack Sawyer
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