darkness and light
notes |
John E. Williams (Psychology), carlton t.
Mitchell (Religion), and Donald H. Wolfe
(Speech Communication and Theatre Arts).
Bianca artom,
Lecturer in Romance
Languages, and
George Eric “Rick”
Matthews, Assistant
Professor of Physics,
shared the University’s
annual award for ex-
cellence in teaching.
The following were promoted to the rank of Pro-
fessor: Kathleen Glenn (Romance Languages),
carl c. Moses (Politics), Jon M. Reinhardt
(Politics), Donald O. Schoonmaker (Politics),
thomas c. taylor (Accountancy), J. Ned
Woodall (Anthropology), and Bynum G. Shaw
Research leaves were awarded to the following
faculty members: charles M. allen (Biology),
John andronica (Classical Languages), andrew
Ettin (English), Roger Hegstrom (Chemistry),
linda Nielsen (Education), John Sawyer
(Mathematics), Margaret S. Smith (Art),
Harold tedford (Theater Arts), and Donald
Wolfe (Theater Arts).
u faculty NOtES
Richard l. Shoemaker, Professor of Romance
Languages, retired. He had taught at Wake
Forest since 1950.
Michael Sinclair (B.A., 1963), Associate Pro-
fessor of History, went with fifteen students to
China for eight weeks of “total immersion” in
Chinese culture. For most of the time they were
in Guilin at Gwangxi Teachers College. The trip
was arranged by the International Cultural
Exchange Foundation of San Francisco.
Former students of
Delmer Paul Hylton,
Professor of Accoun-
tancy, began a
campaign to raise
$200,000 for an
endowed professor-
ship in his honor.
The Museum of Man
was one of ten North Car olina projects to re-
ceive a grant from the N.C. Board of Science and
New terms as Department chairmen were as-
signed to John c. Moorhouse (Economics),
Wilmer D. Sanders (German), Marcellus
Waddill (Mathematics), Gregory D. Pritchard
(Philosophy), Richard D. Sears (Politics),
Paul Hylton
“Rick” Matthews
u tHE 1982 cOMMENcEMENt
At the 1982 Commencement honorary degrees
were given to historian John G. Barrett (B.A.,
1942); thomas l. cashwell Jr (B.A., 1942),
Baptist minister; James B. Hunt Jr., Governor of
North Carolina; Hazel Frances Moon, missionary
nurse; and Harris Wofford, president of Bryn
Mawr College. Cashwell preached the baccalau-
reate sermon, and Wofford gave the Commence-
ment address.
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