| the history of wake forest
Edward allen of Oneida, New York, edited The
Student; Maria Henson of Little Rock, Arkansas,
Old Gold and Black; and Shannon Butler of
Liberty, The Howler.
The Honor Council was co-chaired by David
alpeter of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and John Don-
nelly of Greenville, South Carolina. David Dun-
lap of Memphis, Tennessee, and Richard Moore
of Oxford were co-chairs of the Student Judicial
Wade Stokes of Greenville was president of the
student body.
catherine frier, a
senior from Hender-
sonville, was awarded
a Rotary Scholarship for
nine months’ study at
Victoria University of
Manchester in Eng-
The 1980–1981 Old Gold and Black, edited by
Michael Riley, received a “medalist” rating,
the highest given by the Columbia University
Scholastic Press Association.
Three students (cynthia B. Dunlap of Silver
Spring, Maryland; Robert G. Kern of Lexington;
and Jan D. Sigmon of Hickory) won the Milwau-
kee Intercollegiate Business Games. They were
also “Industry Winners” at the Emory University
games. Their faculty advisor was Assistant Pro-
fessor of Business Sayeste Daser.
Senior orators were: catherine Mary frier of
Hendersonville, Dennis Walter Hearne of
Greenville, and Martha faith Mclellan of
Greensboro. McLellan received the A.D. Ward
Wake Forest debaters placed second out of 45
teams at Loyola of Los Angeles and third out of 30
teams at the University of Southern California.
Catherine Frier
u tHE calENDaR Of EVENtS
Speakers: Barry Rosen, former American hos-
tage in Iran; Joseph Califano, secretary of health,
education, and welfare under President Carter
(the Carlyle lecturer); and those who came for
the Tocqueville Forum and the “Images of Man”
Plays: John Webster’s Duchess of Malfi; Elephant
Man by Bernard Pomerance; Gilbert and Sullivan’s
HMS Pinafore.
Classical music: The Cleveland Orchestra; I Nuovi
Virtuosi di Roma (eleven strings and one harpsi-
chord); the Aeloian Chamber Players; and pia-
nist Peter Serkin.
Popular music: the Four Tops; Pablo Cruise; and
Livingston Taylor.
Also: Thomas Kinsella, poet; The Amazing Kre-
skin; and poets Sterling Brown and Michael
In November the College Union’s fine arts com-
mittee unveiled nine works of art purchased in
New York City during the preceding spring.
Artists represented in the new collection were
Jennifer Bartlett, Allen Erdman, Gladys Nilsson,
Joseph Raffael, Miriam Schapiro, and James
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