| the history of wake forest
Charles G. Furr (J.D. 1960), member of the
development office staff, 1966–1969. Died
July 4, 1981.
James A. Steintrager, Professor of Politics
(member of the faculty since 1969). Died July
23, 1981.1
Hannelore Traekner McDowell (Mrs. James
G. McDowell), on several occasions a part-time
instructor in the Department of German. Died
September 16, 1981.
Brooks Hays, first director of the Ecumenical
Institute. Died October 11, 1981.
J. Frank Furches (’27), part-time University
employee after 1965, including some years as
gate-keeper at the east entrance of the Z. Smith
Reynolds Library. Died October 25, 1981.
Edgar Estes Folk, Professor Emeritus of Eng-
lish (member of the faculty, 1936–1967).2 Died
January 1, 1982.
James Harrill, Professor Emeritus of Otolar-
yngology, Bowman Gray School of Medicine.
Died March 16, 1982.
Cronje B. Earp, Professor Emeritus of Classi-
cal Languages (member of the faculty, 1940–
1971). Died March 18, 1982.3
Johnny Johnston, head golf pro at the “old”
campus course and pioneer (with Jim Weaver) in
the Wake Forest golf program. Died June 12, 1982.
Lawrence R. De Chatelet, Professor of Bio-
chemistry in the Bowman Gray School of Med-
icine since 1969. Died June 29, 1982.
An obituary notice is in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXVIII (August 1981), 35; also, there are
excerpts from a faculty resolution in Steintrager’s memory in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXVIII
(September 1981), 8.
A series of tributes to Folk from fifteen former students and an accompanying article by Russell
Brantley appeared in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXIX (April 1982), 34-35.
See Russell Brantley’s article on Earp in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXIX (June 1982), 8.
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