| the history of wake forest
That same evening, in the recital hall, four chamber works,
commissioned for the occasion, were given a premier performance
as a dedicatory tribute to the historic importance of the day. One
piece, “Confusion Breathes …,” was a composition by Annette Le-
Siege, a Wake Forest faculty member from 1975 to 1982. The other
three pieces came from Winston-Salem composers: Margaret San-
dresky of Salem College, Sherwood Shaffer from the North Caro-
lina School of the Arts, and Fred Tanner of Winston-Salem State
Three months later, on December 7, the recital hall was named
in memory of James Davis Brendle, the founder of Brendle Co.,
Inc., a regional chain of catalog showrooms. Brendle’s wife, Edna,
and his three sons made possible this honor for the family name.
All the sons were Wake Forest alumni: Douglas (1946), Harold
(1944), and Floyd (1953).
Students go up some of the many steps on the Wake Forest campus
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