music and farewell
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Lecturer in Theatre
James Dodding and
Assistant Professor
of Chemistry Susan
Jackels were given
awards for excellence
in teaching.
Blanche C. Speer,
Associate Professor
of Linguistics, retired
at the end of the fall term.
Leaves of absence (for the 1983–84 academic
year) were assigned to the following faculty
members: David B. Broyles (Politics), G.
McLeod Bryan (Religion), Gary A. Cook (Art),
Ronald V. Dimock, Jr. (Biology), Ellen E. Kirk-
man (Mathematics), David B. Levy (Music),
John C. Moorhouse (Economics), Mary Fran-
ces Robinson (Romance Languages), Robert
W. Ulery, Jr. (Classical Languages), and Rich-
ard L. Zuber (History).
William C. Kerr (Physics) was promoted to the
rank of Professor.
Susan Jackels
Professor of History Henry S. Stroupe re-
ceived the Christopher Crittenden Memorial
Award at the annual meeting of the North Caro-
lina Literary and Historical Association.
James Alfred Martin Jr. (B.A., 1937; Litt.D.,
1965), having retired from the faculty of Co-
lumbia University, was appointed University
Professor. He had also served as chairman of
Wake Forest College’s Board of Visitors.
Five members of the Reynolda Campus faculty
retired at the end of the academic year: Profes-
sor of Religion and Associate Dean of the College
Robert Allen Dyer; ysbrand Haven, Professor
of Physics; Alonzo W. Kenion, Professor of Eng-
lish; Harry B. Miller, Professor of Chemistry; and
Herman J. Preseren, Professor of Education.
Department chairmanships, beginning with the
1982–1983 academic year, were assigned as
follows: J. Ned Woodall (Anthropology), Rob-
ert W. Ulery, Jr. (Classical Languages), Joseph
O. Milner (Education), Susan H. Borwick (Mu-
sic), George P. Williams, Jr. (Physics), Kath-
leen M. Glenn (Romance Languages), and
Philip J. Perricone (Sociology).
Honorary degrees were awarded to Samuel H.
Adler, composer and teacher from the Eastman
School of Music; Joseph Branch (J.D., 1938),
Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme
Court; Louise Futrelle, founder of Summit
School in Winston-Salem; and W[alter].
R[aleigh]. Wagoner (B.A., 1941), president
of the Baptist Children’s Homes of North Caro-
lina. The Commencement address was given by
John William Gilbert, a Labor Party member of
the House of Commons, who also received an
honorary degree, and the baccalaureate ser-
mon was delivered by Frank R. Campbell, pas-
tor of the First Baptist Church of Statesville.
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