| the history of wake forest
Two teams from the School of Law received,
respectively, first and second place in the 33rd
annual Moot Court regional championship
The Huffman/Townhouse project was ap-
proved: two residence halls were set aside for
“well-rounded individuals who place empha-
sis on an academically oriented lifestyle.”
Senior orators were: Steven Randal catron
of Winston-Salem, James theodore Gentry
of King, and Mercedes Maria teixido of
Wilmington, Delaware. Gentry received the
A.D. Ward Medal.
James theodore
“ted” Gentry of
King was awarded
a Fulbright Grant
for graduate study
For the tenth time in
the past eleven years
a debate team (David
cheshier of Marietta, Georgia, and Gregory
leman of Atlanta, Georgia) was qualified to
participate in the National Debate Tournament
at Colorado College.
For the third time (earlier victories were in
1976 and 1980) a team of students from the
School of Business and Accountancy won the
top prize in the intercollegiate business games
competition at Emory University. Their adviser
was Associate Professor of Business arun
Mark Holt of Fayetteville was president of the
student body. William annonio of Brookfield,
Connecticut, and Shannon Butler of Liberty
were co-editors of The Howler; Geoffrey Shorter
of Winston-Salem edited Old Gold and Black;
and alan Mark of Silver Spring, Maryland, was
editor of The Student.
tolliver cleveland “cleve” callison III (B.A.,
Duke; M.A., Ph.D., Wisconsin) was named
director of WFDD-FM, succeeding J. Patrick
crawford. A grant of more than $100,000
from the Public Telecommunications Facilities
Program made possible the station’s increase
in power from 36,000 to 100,000 watts.
Martha Blevins [allman] (B.A., 1982) was
named Admissions Counselor.
thomas O. Phillips (B.A., 1974; M.A., 1978)
was named Assistant Director of Admissions
and Scholarships Officer and was assigned
steadily increasing responsibilities for the
Carswell and Reynolds Scholarships programs.
(He had previously worked in the Office of
Admissions: from 1974 to 1978.)
William faircloth (B.A., 1964), member of the
football coaching staff since 1978, was appointed
At the 1983 Business Games: front row, from left to right,
Holly Henderson, Susan Swanson, Tara Raines; back
row, Arun Dewasthali, Steven McCall, Gary Hayes,
Travis Thompson.
Ted Gentry
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