| the history of wake forest
Samuel H. love, Associate Professor of Mi-
crobiology in the Bowman Gray School of
Medicine (member of the faculty since 1955).
Died July 14, 1982.
J. Maxwell little, Professor Emeritus of
Pharmacology in the Bowman Gray School of
Medicine (member of the faculty, 1941–1981).
Died October 1, 1982.
James G. McDowell, Associate Professor of
History (member of the faculty since 1965).
Died November 1, 1982.
Grady S. Patterson, Registrar Emeritus
(Registrar, 1924–1972). Died January 9, 1983.*
Nell Evans Gentry (Mrs. Ivey C. Gentry), who
had worked in the Department of Mathematics
and in the Office of the Registrar. Died January
28, 1983.*
Harold Dawes Parcell, Professor Emeritus of
Romance Languages (member of the faculty,
1935–1970). Died February 21, 1983.*
carroll W. Weathers, Professor Emeritus of
Law and Dean Emeritus of the School of Law
(member of the faculty, 1950–1972). Died
February 26, 1983.*
Elizabeth Singleton Drake (Mrs. Justus C.
Drake), Executive Secretary to the President,
1951–1982, and Secretary to the Board of
Trustees, 1967–1983. Died March 22, 1983.*
* Obituary notices for all five of these Wake Forest men and women appear in The Wake Forest
Magazine, XXX (April 1983), 30–31.
u tHE calENDaR Of EVENtS
Classical music: Rudolf Firkusny, pianist; the
Juilliard String Quartet; the Gewandhaus Or-
chestra of Leipzig.
Popular performers: Mike Cross; Jimmy Buf-
fet; An Evening of Dance with Bill Evans.
Presentations: Judy Chicago, feminist artist;
James Surls, sculptor; John Dean, a central
figure in the Watergate story; Carolyn Forche,
poet; James Tate, poet; Gary Hart, U.S. Sena-
tor from Colorado; Gardner Taylor, pastor of
the Concord Baptist Church of Christ in Brook-
lyn; novelist and poet John Updike; Judy
Woodruff, from the NBC Today Show.
The Black Student Alliance’s presentation of
the Hampton Institute Choir and Congressman
Walter Fauntroy from the District of Columbia.
The University Theatre: Molière’s Scapino;
Neal Simon’s I Ought to Be in Pictures; Saroyan’s
The Time of Your Life; Pinter’s The Birthday
Party; Frank Loesser’s Guys and Dolls.
A two-day symposium on nuclear arms and
foreign policy, featuring Congressman Pete
McCloskey from California and Yale psychia-
trist Robert Lifton.
A symposium on “Religion and the Human
Society” honoring Rev. William W. finlator
(B.A., 1934; D.D., 1973) for his courageous
support of liberal causes, including social
and economic justice for the working class
and for minorities.
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