| the history of wake forest
Moore was assisted—ably and loyally—by Melvin Q. “Molly”
Layton (’47), who had joined the staff on the “old campus” in 1951 and
who served until 1977, with informed and loving attention to grass
and flowers and trees, as Superintendent of Grounds. He was awarded
the Medallion of Merit in 1978 for having, in President Scales’s
words, “made our landscape more beautiful.” He died in 1979.
Also on the building and grounds staff, and serving with com-
parable fidelity, was Royce R. Weatherly, who, after a career in the
Merchant Marine, came to Wake Forest in 1947 and was Superin-
tendent of Buildings until his retirement in 1981. He and his family
lived in the one original farm house still remaining on the Reyn-
olda campus.
The University Stores, including what was popularly referred to as
the “College Book Store,” had come under the supervision of Rich-
ard T. Clay (’56) upon the retirement in 1960 of long-time Director
Everette C. Snyder. Clay and his Assistant Director Richard D. Whis-
nant (’60) were in charge of the Stores through the years of the Scales
Harold “Pete” Moore
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