| the history of wake forest
but a glance at some of them will, I hope, serve to indicate some-
thing of the color and complexity of campus life in the years about
which I am writing.
Religious groups continued to thrive, especially the Baptist Stu-
dent Union, with its long-standing tradition of supplementing and
expanding upon the University’s denominational heritage. The Inter-
varsity Christian Fellowship and the Fellowship of Christian Ath-
letes also attracted students to programs and services and oppor
tunities for study, as did Protestant groups other than Baptists and,
especially in the 1980’s, the Catholic Student Association (indicating,
as it did, the growing number of Roman Catholics in the under-
graduate student body), and the Black Christian Fellowship.
As if anticipating some of the ways in which the Scales Fine
Arts Center would provide a home for the arts and spur creativity in
The first page of the College Union’s 1969–70 film schedule which received an award as the best in the nation
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