| the history of wake forest
provided. It was said of him that, when he was at Oklahoma Bap-
tist, he sometimes remarked that he wanted OBU to become like
Wake Forest. He himself, as an undergraduate, had had English
classes under two Wake Forest alumni, Edgar E. Folk and Henry L.
Snuggs, both of whom later became much respected professors at
Wake Forest. He already admired Wake Forest and welcomed an
opportunity to be part of its 133-year-old history.
During the closing months of the Tribble administration I was
serving as Dean of the College and had the pleasant experience of
helping both to honor President Tribble and to prepare for the ar-
rival of President-Elect Scales. At the request of a faculty commit-
tee appointed to find an appropriate way to recognize Tribble, I
asked the Trustees, at their meeting on June 3, to consider naming
the so-called “Humanities” building “Harold W. Tribble Hall.” The
Trustees concurred, and so the classroom building east of the Z.
Smith Reynolds Library, completed in 1963 and housing nine de-
partments from the humanities and social sciences, became “Trib-
ble Hall,” perhaps the most frequented classroom building—by
faculty and students—for many college generations to come.
At that same meeting on June 3, I was asked by the Trustees to
chair a committee to make plans for the inauguration of President-
Elect Scales in the spring of 1968. Also named to the committee
were Professor of Biology John Davis, Professor Emeritus of Reli-
gion J. Allen Easley, Assistant Professor of Music Calvin Huber,
Professor of Chemistry John Nowell, and Professor of English
Henry Snuggs.7 With such expectations the 1966–67 academic
year came to an end, and we awaited the arrival of Wake Forest’s
eleventh president.
Subsequently, four
additional members
were assigned to the
committee: Professor
of Biology Charles
M. Allen, Director
of Communications
Russell H. Brantley
Jr., Professor of Law
Hugh W. Divine,
and Associate Dean
of the Bowman Gray
School of Medicine
Robert L. Tuttle.
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