| the history of wake forest
societies. He was editor of a book entitled Se-
crecy: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. He became
Professor in 1979 and served as chairman of the
newly established Department of Anthropology
from 1978 to 1982.
david K. evans (B.S., Tulane; Ph.D., Califor-
nia), a third cultural anthropologist, came to
the Department in 1966. He had a strong and
dedicated interest in developing nations, espe-
cially in Latin America and the Caribbean. In
1968 he established the Overseas Research
Center in Belize, British Honduras, for the pur-
pose of cross-cultural research, and later on
Roatan Island, and
regularly, in the sum-
mer, he took a group
of students there, to
Roatan or to another
site in Central Ameri-
ca.2 In 1970–1971 he
received the Univer-
sity’s first annual
award for excellence
in teaching. He be-
came Associate Pro-
fessor in 1970. (See
page 93.)
J. ned Woodall (B.A., M.A., Texas; Ph.D.,
Southern Methodist) joined the Department in
1969. He taught courses in the prehistory of
North America and the archaeology of the
southeastern United States. He conducted the
University’s first archaeological field school in
the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Taos, New
Mexico. With Wake Forest students he did re-
search in the Yadkin River Valley, finding and
studying remains of those groups living in that
area between 1000 and 1500 A.D. He was author
of An Introduction to Modern Archeology. He
became Associate Professor in 1975 and Pro-
fessor in 1982, and he was appointed Depart-
ment chairman in 1982.
david s. Weaver (B.A., M.A., Arizona; Ph.D.,
New Mexico) came to the Department in 1977.
He was a physical anthropologist and spent part
of his time in comparative medicine at the med-
ical school. He analyzed skeletal remains from
archaeological sites and studied how the human
beings of those earlier years had adapted to
their environment. In 1981 he received the
University’s annual award for excellence in
teaching. He became Associate Professor in
1982. (See page 266.)
Also in Anthropology between 1967 and 1983
were the following: Kenneth mcWilliams
(1972–1976), ratish srivastava (1972–1973),
ernest morenon (1973–1975), marianne
mithun Williams (Spring 1975), mary cas-
sandra hill (1976–1977), hetty Jo brumback
(1979–1980), Jay r. Kaplan (1979– ), Janine
g.b. cutchin (1981–1982), as Curator of the
Museum of Man, s. gayle russell (1981–1982),
ben robertson (1982–1983), and linda b.
robertson (1982– ) as Curator of the Museum
of Man.
An article in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXIII (Spring 1976), 8–13, 38—“Roatan Journal,” by
Julia Drake—gives a colorful account, with a number of illustrations, of her winter term trip to
Roatan Island with Evans and his wife and daughter and six other students.
Evans with four students on a “dig”
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