The beginnings of Wake Forest’s art department
are discussed in Chapter Two. sterling boyd
(B.A., Sewanee; M.A., Oberlin; Ph.D., Princ-
eton) was the founding chairman, and he served
diligently and creatively until his resignation in
1978: he defined the Department’s curriculum,
which allowed a student to concentrate in either
“art history” or in “art studio” but required
courses in both areas; he represented his disci-
pline in planning the Fine Arts Center and in
welcoming the completion of the Department’s
impressive new facilities; he taught American
art and architecture and also European Renais-
sance art; and he established useful relation-
ships with museums and galleries in the
community, including Reynolda House and the
Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art.
Also teaching art history during the early years
of the Department’s existence were penny
griffin (née Crawford) (1969–1975), o’hara b.
Wilkiemeyer (1971–1974), and James ben-
nett (1973–1974). brian legakis (Ph.D., Chi-
cago) came in 1974 and taught, among other
courses, Greek and Roman art and architecture;
he remained at Wake Forest until 1981.
The first appointment in studio art was ray
prohaska, who was artist-in-residence from
1969 to 1975. While at Wake Forest he was
named to the Society of Illustrators Hall of
Fame and saw a book to publication (A Basic
Course in Design: Introduction to Drawing and
Painting). Following him as studio artists were
gary cook (1975–1986), marvin coats (1976–
1983), and andrew polk (1977–1985). Each of
these men—Cook in painting and drawing, Coats
in sculpture, and Polk in printmaking—had
youthful exuberance and helped to lay the
foundation for those who would follow them in
teaching studio art courses.
Others who were in the Department during the
Scales years, some of them part-time, were anne
Kesler shields (Winter 1973), barbara bab-
cock [Millhouse] (Spring 1974), laura phillips
(Spring 1978), raymond berry (1978–1979),
mauro mercanti (Spring 1979), J. russell
the department of art
Penny Crawford; Roy Prohaska; Sterling Boyd, Chairman; Lewis Aycock
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