| the history of wake forest
sale (1979–1980), John connolly (1980–1981),
elizabeth sutherland (1981–1985), norman
tuck (1982–1983), and paul h.d. Kaplan (1980–
1983 and thereafter until 1988).
The Department, though experiencing fairly
frequent changes in personnel through the
early years of its history, began to find stability
in the late 1970’s and the early 1980’s after the
appointment of three faculty members and a
gallery director who would remain at Wake
Forest and provide vigorous leadership during
the years after 1983.
robert Knott (B.A.,
Stanford; M.A., Illinois;
Ph.D., Pennsylvania),
came in 1975 as Assis-
tant Professor, was
promoted to Associate
Professor in 1978, and
served as chairman
for two years after
Boyd’s resignation.
He taught modern and contemporary art and
served as adviser to the College Union on its
trips to New York every four years for the pur-
chase of art works for the Union’s collection.
margaret supplee “peggy” smith (B.S.,
Missouri; M.A., Case Western Reserve; Ph.D.,
Brown), came as Associate Professor in 1979
and a year later was appointed to the depart-
ment chair. She was a specialist in American art
and architecture and soon established a work-
ing alliance with the Reynolda House Museum
of American Art. She also became one of a small
group of faculty members who started the
Women’s Studies program at Wake Forest. (See
page 300.)
harry b. titus Jr. (B.A., Wisconsin, Milwau-
kee; M.F.A., Ph.D., Princeton), came in 1981 and
became Assistant Professor in 1984. He taught
classical and medieval art and architecture and
had a devoted scholarly interest in the Cathe-
dral, St. Etienne, Auxerre, France.
Victor faccinto (B.A., M.A., California) was
appointed Director of the Art Gallery in 1978.
An artist himself, he brought to his assignment
a versatile understanding of the contemporary
art world and a willingness to incorporate both
tradition and experiment in planning gallery
Front row: Harry Titus, Ann Pollard, Deb Fanelli; middle row: Terisio Pignatti, Margaret Smith, Robert Knott, Janine
Cutchin; back row: Gary Cook, Wanda Kirby-Smith, Victor Faccinto, David Faber. [From The Howler of 1985: two
years after the Scales years had ended. The picture includes staff members as well as faculty.]
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