In the fall of 1967 the Department of Biology
included four men with the rank of Professor
(allen, cocke, davis, and flory), seven As-
sociate Professors (amen, dimmick, hig-
gins, mcdonald, olive, sullivan, and
Wyatt), and two Assistant Professors (esch
and hein). At the end of the academic year
three of these men left Wake Forest for other
appointments: John edward davis Jr., at
Wake Forest since 1956; robert p. higgins,
here since 1961; and dale hein, here since
1965. The other ten remained at Wake Forest
and gave continuing strength to an increasingly
productive Department.
Professor elton c. cocke (B.S., M.S., Ph.D.,
Virginia) had come to Wake Forest in 1938 and
had been a faculty leader, both in and outside
the Department, on the “old campus.” From
1960 to 1967 he was Department chairman. He
was the author of The Myxophyceae (the blue-
green algae) of North Carolina and also Trees
and Shrubs of North Carolina, the latter com-
pleted during his retirement.1 For the Univer-
sity he wrote a pamphlet entitled The First One
Hundred: A Study of the Graduate Program of
the Department of Biology 1889–1974, a sup-
plement to his earlier A Short History of the
Department of Biology of Wake Forest College,
1834–1967. He retired in 1971 and died in 1975.
A seminar room in Winston Hall is named in his
Professor charles m. allen (B.S., M.A., Wake
Forest; Ph.D., Duke) had been at Wake Forest,
except for military service in World War II, since
1941. Some of his many contributions to the
University are discussed in Chapter Six of this
History. He was the first still active member of
the faculty to receive the University’s Medal-
lion of Merit.2 (See page 190.)
the department of biology
Income from Trees and Shrubs of North Carolina was donated to the University in order to create
an endowment fund to support graduate students in the Department.
See a “Wake Forester” profile on Allen by Russell Brantley in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXXIII
(Autumn 1976), inside cover page and 32.
Back row: James McDonald, Peter Weigl, Veryl Becker, Ralph Amen, Thomas Olive, Robert Sullivan.
Front row: R.L. Wyatt, Elton Cocke, John Dimmick, Walter Flory, Gerald Esch, Raymond Kuhn.
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