| the history of wake forest
Professor Walter s. flory (B.A., Bridgewater;
M.A., Ph.D., Virginia; Sc.D. Bridgewater) had been,
since 1963, the Babcock Professor of Botany,
occupying a chair endowed by the Mary Reynolds
Babcock Foundation. He was also Director of
Reynolda Gardens. His bibliography contained
more than two hundred entries, including papers
in his field of special
interest, the evolutionary
study of Zephryantheae
(members of the amaryl-
lis family, often called
rain lilies). He received
the William Herbert med-
al, the highest award
given by the American
Amaryllis Society. He
retired in 1980.3
Associate Professor raymond l. “r.l.” Wyatt
(B.S., Wake Forest; M.A., Ph.D., UNC-Chapel Hill),
at Wake Forest since 1956, was a field botanist
with special interests in plant systematics and
morphology. For many years he served as fac-
ulty adviser to Beta Beta Beta, a national honor
society for outstanding undergraduate stu-
dents. He was promoted to Professor in 1975.
Associate Professor James c. mcdonald (B.A.,
Washington University, St. Louis; M.A., Ph.D.,
Missouri), a member of the Department since
1960, was a microbiologist and a mushroom
taxonomist with a special interest in the ecol-
ogy and development of myxobacteria. He was
Department chairman from 1971 to 1975 and
became Professor in 1979.
Associate Professor John f. dimmick (B.S.,
M.S., Western Illinois; Ph.D., Illinois), at Wake
Forest since 1961, was an animal physiologist.
He was fascinated by questions in applied biol-
ogy and physical science, and he was a skilled
Associate Professor ausley thomas “tommy”
olive (B.S., Wake Forest; B.S., Ph.D., North
Carolina State), also at Wake Forest since 1961,
was a cytogeneticist and insect systematist. He
worked particularly with aphids. He was also an
accomplished artist and liked to draw sketches
of landmarks from Wake Forest’s “old campus.”
Associate Professor ralph d. amen (B.A.,
M.A., Colorado State; M.B.S., Ph.D., Colorado),
joined the Department in 1962. He was a plant
See an interview with Flory, conducted by Emily Herring Wilson, in The Wake Forest Magazine,
XXX (January 1983), 29–33.
The Department of Biology in 1981–1982
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