| the history of wake forest
robert W. ulery, Jr. (B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Yale)
came to Wake Forest as Assistant Professor in
1971. He was especially interested in manuscript
and textual criticism and contributed the Tacitus
portion of the “Catalogue of Medieval and Re-
naissance Translations and Commentaries.” He
was promoted to Associate Professor in 1978
and in that same year became chairman of the
Department. He was also an accomplished musi-
cian, both as a singer and as pianist and organist.
Also teaching in Classical Languages during
these years were: elizabeth earp merrill
(1967–1969), John e. roberts (1967–1970),
c. Wayne tucker (1967–1968), edmund p.
allison (1968–1969), hubert W. hawkins
(1968–1969), robert W. hash (1969–1972),
brenda ann templeton (1969–1971), nathan
rick heatley (1970–1977) franklyn f. sand-
ers (1971–1977), christina sorum (Spring
1975), laura m. stone (1977–1980), alice
hinckley [bigelis] (1977–1981), bruce d.
macQueen (1980–1982), John e. rowland
(1982– ), christopher p. frost (1982– ), and
mary l.b. pendergraft (1983– ).
In October 1969 the Board of Trustees approved
the creation of a Department of Economics within
the College. Previously, Economics had been
part of the School of Business Administration.
(Also, in 1969, the Bachelor of Business Admin-
istration degree was abolished and a Department
of Business and Accountancy was established
within the College.)
J. Van Wagstaff (B.A., Randolph-Macon; M.B.A.,
Rutgers; Ph.D., Virginia), who had come to Wake
Forest in 1964, was appointed chairman of the
new Department. He remained in the chair until
1981 and with “good humor and diligence” (words
used by his economics colleagues on a plaque
presented to him) guided the Department through
a period of impressive growth: in faculty size,
in courses offered, and in students enrolled. He
also founded and obtained grant support for the
Urban Affairs Institute and later became a Director
of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Develop-
ment Economics Education Program and Chairman
of the first Citizens Budget Advisory Committee.
He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1968
and to Professor in 1975.
Carl Harris, John Andronia, Laura Stone, Alice Hinckley, Robert Ulery
the department of economics
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