| the history of wake forest
The senior member of
the Department of
Education in 1967 was
Jasper l. memory
Jr. (B.A., Wake Forest;
M.A., Columbia), who
had taught at Wake
Forest since 1929 and
had quickly become
one of the old cam-
pus’s legendary pro-
fessors. It was believed that he knew more
Wake Forest alumni by name—and even by
home town—than any other person, and in the
public schools of North Carolina there were
many of his former students: superintendents,
principals, and teachers who had profited from
stories and insights he had given them in his
classes. He had also—almost certainly—held
“more different positions at the University than
any other man, including teaching education,
raising funds, serving as alumni secretary,
editing the magazine, directing the news bu-
reau and placement office, and coaching the
tennis team.” He retired in 1971.2
Professor Memory’s
long-time colleague,
herman J. preseren
(B.S., State Teachers
College, California,
Pennsylvania; M.A.,
Teachers College,
Columbia; Ph.D.,
North Carolina) came
to Wake Forest in
1953. In 1967 he was
Professor of Education, and from 1974 to 1978
he was the chairman of the Department. He
taught courses in audio-visual education, in
which field he was an accomplished and innova-
tive pioneer, and in 1971 he was named Director
of the Educational Media Center. He also taught
geography. He retired in 1983.
the department of education
The Department of Education in 1981–1982
Herman J. Preseren’s History of the Department of Education is available in the University archives.
See “Jasper Memory,” an article by Jay Jenkins in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXIX (June 1982), 12–13.
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