| the history of wake forest
Between 1967 and 1983 the Department profited
from the presence of numerous other faculty
members, both full-time and part-time, some of
them on leave from the public schools of Winston-
Salem and Forsyth County. This list includes Dr.
samuel a. syme, Jr. (1965–1972), Dr. Wesley
d. hood (1968–1975), philip d. archer (1971–
1973), billy J. hammond (1972–1973), antony
swider (1972–1973), elizabeth Welch (1972–
1974), William larry osborne (Spring 1973,
Spring 1974), marshall n. arlin (Fall 1973),
elizabeth high busick (Fall 1973), susan
moore (Fall 1973), larry W. Womble (1974–
1975), patsy h. Jordan (1975–1976), linda g.
cappel(1976–1977), marthadavis(1976–1977),
In 1967 the two senior
members of the Depart-
ment of English were
Professor henry l.
snuggs (B.A., Wake
Forest; M.A., Ph.D.,
Duke), at Wake Forest
since 1945, and Pro-
fessor thomas frank
gossett (B.A., M.A.,
Southern Methodist;
Ph.D., Minnesota), who
had come that year.
Snuggs, who in
earlier years had served
as department chair-
man, was a scholar of
the English Renais-
sance and the author
of Shakespeare and Five Acts. In 1968 his trans-
lation from the Italian of Giraldo Cinthio on
Romance appeared. He died in 1970.
Joseph dodson (1976–1983), martha norris
goodwin (1976–1977), Richard I. Tirrell (1976– ),
nancy J. deese (1977–1978), nancy h. hubers
(1977–1978), thane mcdonald (1977–1978),
carolfriedman(1978–1979), Virginia Z. Keller
(1978–1979), susan melville (1979–1980),
corinneschillin (1979–1981), nancymagruder
(1980–1981), nancy rogers-Zegarra (1980–
1981), donald l. ellis (Fall 1981), gay s. pitts
(1981–1982), anne c. leonard (1982–1983),
marianne schubert (1982– ), stuart Wright
(1982– ), and nancy dominick (Spring 1983).
Gossett’s book, Race: The History of an Idea in
America, had won the Ralph Waldo Emerson
Award of Phi Beta Kappa in 1964. Another book
nearing completion was on “Uncle Tom’s Cabin
and American Culture.” Gossett taught courses
in American literature. He was also a conscien-
tious and indefatigable builder of the English and
American literature collections in the Z. Smith
Reynolds Library.
I was also Professor of English in 1967 and, in
addition to being Dean of the College, was de-
partment chairman, a position that I gave up
when I was appointed Provost of the University.
Six Associate Professors gave strength and
variety to the Department in 1967: Aycock,
Brown, Carter, Kenion, Phillips, and Potter.
andrewlewisaycock (B.A., Wake Forest; M.A.,
Tulane) had been at Wake Forest since 1928.
Besides his regular duties in the Department, he
the department of english
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