The Scales years, although filled with remarkable
achievement and promise in Music, saw many
and frequent changes within the music faculty.
The two senior members of the Department
in 1967 were thane mcdonald (B.M., M.M.,
Michigan; Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia)
and paul s. robinson (B.A., Westminster
College; Mus.B., Curtis Institute of Music; M.
Sac. Mus., D. Sac. Mus., School of Sacred Music,
Union Theological Seminary).
mcdonald was, in effect, the founding chairman
of the Department of Music, having come to the
“old campus” in 1941, when, in his own words, he
became the only horse “in a one-horse depart-
ment.” He served in the chair until 1969 and, in
addition to the classes he taught, directed a
succession of choirs, glee clubs, and bands.
Students called him “Dr. Mac” and responded
with affection and enthusiasm to his many
efforts to make music alive on the campus. He
returned to the chair for the 1974–1975 academic
year; he retired in 1975 and died in 1978.1 (See
page 104.)
paul robinson, who became Professor of Music
in 1973, shared major Department responsibili-
ties with Thane McDonald for the twenty-six
years in which they were colleagues. He taught
music theory, church music, and organ but was
most widely known—and heard—as organist for
many University convocations and services as
well as for the Wake Forest Baptist Church. He
retired in 1977.2
christopher giles Jr. and lucille sawyer
harris—Giles having come in 1951 and Harris in
the department of music
Paul S. Robinson; Christopher Giles; Thane McDonald, Chairman; Elizabeth M. Thigpen; Lucille S. Harris; Ethel L. Kalter
See “But the Music Goes On,” by William Ray, in The Wake Forest Magazine, XXII (Summer 1975),
See “Paul Robinson: Man of Music,” an article by Thane McDonald in The Wake Forest Magazine,
XXIV (Spring 1977), 8, 28.
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