| the history of wake forest
1957—continued their long service at Wake Forest
as teachers of piano. Giles (B.S., Florida Southern;
M.A., George Peabody) was an Assistant Pro-
fessor, and Harris (B.S., B.M., Meredith) held the
rank of Instructor. In 1977 paul sinal (B.A., 1967)
and sara hendricks sinal (B.S., 1967) inaugu-
rated the Christopher Giles and Lucille S. Harris
Competitions in Musical Performance, provid-
ing that students would compete every year for
awards to be presented at Commencement.
calvin r. huber (B.M., M.M., Wisconsin; Ph.D.,
North Carolina), who came to Wake Forest in
1962, was promoted to Associate Professor in
1968 and became Department chairman in 1969.
He taught orchestral and band instruments and
until 1969 served as Director of Bands.3 He
continued as chairman until 1974, at which time
he resigned in order to accept a position at the
University of Tennessee at Knoxville.
Midway through the 1970’s, as (because of
retirements and resignations) the Department
was experiencing major changes in personnel
and in anticipation of the completion in a few
years of the music wing of the Fine Arts Center,
the University began a major effort to recruit
promising young faculty members who would
have the assignment of creating a strong—and
virtually new—Department of Music. The ad-
ministration was aided enormously in this un-
dertaking by Dr. Samuel H. Adler, a prominent
composer and orchestra conductor and distin-
guished professor at the Eastman School of
Music. The men and women who came to the
University, beginning in 1975, would lay the
foundation for the future of Wake Forest music,
and many of them—Levy, Radomski, Goldstein,
Borwick, Carter, and Locklair—would remain
here for decades or more to come.
annette lesiege (B.A., M.A., San Jose State;
Ph.D., Eastman) came in 1975, was appointed
chairman in 1976, and was promoted to Associ-
ate Professor in 1981. She was the composer of
a number of pieces of music, including “Confu-
A recording, “Songs of Wake Forest,” by “The Instruments and Voices of the Wake Forest Bands,” was
released during the years when Huber was Director of Bands. It includes five songs: “O Here’s to Wake
Forest,” “Dear Old Wake Forest,” “Sing of Wake Forest,” “Rah! Rah! Wake Forest,” and “Sing to Wake
(row 1) Annette LeSeige, David Levy, (row 2) Donna Mayer-Martin, Teresa Radomski, John Mochnick, Louis Goldstein,
(row 3) Lucille Harris, Christopher Giles, Davidson Burgess
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