| the history of wake forest
of Bands (1969–1975); donald dennis hoirup,
Instructor in Music, Voice (1972–1977); r.david-
son burgess, Director of Bands (1975– ); Assis-
tant Professor george edward damp, who also
served as Department chairman (1975–1976);
Instructor, then Assistant Professor donna
mayer-martin (1976–1982); Assistant Profes-
sor John V. mochnick, Director of the Choirs
and, from 1979 to 1982, chairman of the Depart-
ment (1976–1982); and martin r. province,
Assistant Director of Instrumental Ensembles
(1982– ).
Also teaching for one or more semesters during
these years, either part-time or full-time on a
limited appointment, and sometimes offering
only courses in voice or instrument, were the
following: marjorie s. angell, richard berlin,
John fulcher, James a. gallatin, gilda glazer,
robert guthrie, Jeannine s. ingram, James
massie Johnson, richard l. Johnson, Karl
d. Kroeger, nicholas lampo, mary lazarus,
robert listokin, Wayne g. morie, ellen c.
poindexter, edith potter, paul h. rainey,
minnie lou raper, William roumillat, michael
g. rowland, Janet clyde sawyer, ilene h.
sears, Joseph secrest, sr., Jeannette stone,
elizabeth morris thigpen, and claudia
In 1967 Professor robert meredith helm
(B.A., Wake Forest; M.A., Ph.D., Duke) was the
senior member of the Department of Philoso-
phy. He had first taught at Wake Forest in 1940
and had subsequently served in the military
during World War II. He had an impressive
background from college in debate and oratory
and was admired as a speaker, on formal occa-
sions or more improvisationally. He was co-
author (with J. William angell) of Meaning
and Value in Western Thought, Volume One,
and co-editor of Studies in Nietzsche and the
Classical Tradition. In the spring of 1979 he was
awarded a Department of the Army Certificate
of Appreciation for Patriotic Civilian Service.
In 1982 he was designated by the Trustees as the
occupant of the Worrell Chair of Philosophy.
Assistant Professor marcus b. hester (B.A.,
Wake Forest; Ph.D., Vanderbilt) came to Wake
Forest in 1963. He was the author of The Mean-
ing of Poetic Metaphor. He was promoted to
Associate Professor in 1969 and to Professor
in 1976. He taught courses in ancient, medieval,
and contemporary philosophy, in logic, and in
the philosophy of art.
the department of philosophy
Gregory Pritchard, Robert Vorsteg, Marcus Hester, Charles Lewis, and Robert Helm
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