In 1968 gregory d. pritchard (B.A., Oklahoma
Baptist; B.D., Southern Baptist Seminary; Ph.D.,
Columbia) came to Wake Forest from Oklahoma
Baptist University. The following year he was
named Associate Professor and appointed De-
partment chairman. He continued in the chair
throughout the Scales years and was promoted
to Professor in 1976. He taught courses in mod-
ern philosophy, Kant, logic, and ethics.
Also in 1968 charles m. lewis (B.A., Wake
Forest; Ph.D., Vanderbilt; Th.M., Howard) joined
the Department as Assistant Professor. His
academic interests included the philosophy
of religion, Plato, Hegel, Kierkegaard, and
Nietzsche. He served for a time as President
of the Society for Philosophy of Religion. He
became Associate Professor in 1976.
ralph c. Kennedy iii (B.A., Ph.D., California,
Berkeley) was appointed Assistant Professor
in 1976. He had taught at the University of Cali-
fornia at Berkeley. At Wake Forest he taught
courses in logic, the philosophy of mind, the
philosophy of science, and Wittgenstein. He
was promoted to Associate Professor in 1982.
Also teaching Philosophy during these years
were J. lawrence mccollough (1963–1968),
Visiting Professor Vergilius ture anselm
ferm (1965–1968)1, robert h. Vorsteg (1970–
1977), anne dickason (1974–1976), Jon e.
larsen (Spring 1979), david Whiteside (Spring
1979), and floyd edwin Wike (Spring 1982).
the department of physical education
Charles Lewis, Ralph Kenedy, Gregory Pritchard, Marcus Hester, Robert Helm
Ferm also served as acting chairman of the Department.
I have used extensively William Hottinger’s History of Physical Education at Wake Forest University
1834–1983. It is available in the University archives.
In 1967 the chairman of the Department of Physi-
cal Education was Professor harold m. barrow
(B.A., Westminster; M.A., Missouri; P.E.D., Indi-
ana). He had come to Wake Forest in 1948, had
served as chairman since 1956, and would con-
tinue in the chair until 1975. He retired in 1977.
Barrow was the author of Man and His Move-
ment: Principles of His Physical Education and A
Practical Approach
to Measurement in
Physical Education,
a second edition of
which appeared in
1971. Among his nu-
merous regional and
national honors he
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